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APRA Publisher Director nominees

Story Published Friday 11 October 2019

APRA received 3 nominations for the 2 vacant Publisher Director positions on its Board.

All eligible publisher members are strongly encouraged to take the time to consider the nominees and cast a vote. It's vitally important publisher members have a say in who is representing them on the board and making decisions about music creators' rights and royalties.

Jamie Gough, Native Tongue Music Publishing

Jaime is Managing Director at Native Tongue Music Publishing, an independent music publisher with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland.

After completing a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) and Bachelor of Business (Management) at Monash University, Jaime started working in the family business in 2005, previously holding positions of Copyright and Royalties Manager and Creative Manager.

Prior to joining Native Tongue Jaime worked for music licensing company Mana Music and management company Mayday Management.

Jaime is currently a Director of the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS) and serves on the board of the Australasian Music Publishers’ Association Limited (AMPAL) and has served on the board for non-profit youth music organization The Push.

Nominee statement

  • Board Experience. Ongoing and active participant on both the AMPAL and AMCOS Boards
  • 100% independent. It’s extremely important the independent sector is well represented at board level.
  • Commitment to songwriters. Committed to long term development of Australian and New Zealand songwriters
  • Global publishing knowledge. Sub-publishing partnerships in over 20 territories and 15 years of experience provides for extensive knowledge of the international publishing landscape.
  • New Zealand presence. Native Tongue is the only globally focused publisher with an active New Zealand office, employing four staff and maintaining a true understanding of the territory
  • ANZ’s leading publisher of international repertoire. Local sub-publisher for some of the world’s finest and most prestigious independent catalogues & songwriters (Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Courtney Barnett, The Doors, Pink Floyd, Mark Ronson, Daft Punk, Rodgers & Hammerstein, George Harrison and James Blake)
  • Value copyright. Committed to ongoing protection of the value of Australian and New Zealand copyrights.

Andrew Jenkins, Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd

Andrew joined Polygram in the UK in 1981, rising to General Manager and Senior Director at Polydor Records. In 1993, Andrew moved to BMG Music Publishing and served as President of International.

He has been responsible for the Australian offices of both BMG Music Publishing and subsequently Universal Music Publishing from 1993 until today and is married to an Australian singer-songwriter.

He was the architect for both Universal Music Publishing’s pan-European licensing deal with SACEM and pan-Asian licensing deal with APRA.

Andrew has worked with artists such the Bee Gees, Tom Waits, The Cure, Van Morrison, Freddie Mercury, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Alanis Morrissette, Pete Townshend and Iron Maiden to name a few.

He is a current board member and former Chairman of ICMP and also a founder board member of IMPA.

After a life spent in the music business, Andrew is passionate about the rights of songwriters and those who invest in their talent.

Nominee statement

  • Global knowledge
    During my career, I have managed offices in LA, New York, Europe including the UK, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Australasia and Latin America - I would bring to the board a wealth of experience in dealing with music publishing matters around the world.
  • Industry experience
    I have worked at board level in major music companies in both records and publishing for the last 34 years and I have served on the boards of various industry bodies around the world.=
  • Industry affairs and societies
    Both at BMG Music Publishing and subsequently Universal Music Publishing, I have been responsible for industry affairs and society matters on a global basis.
  • Local/Australian experience
    I have been responsible directly for the Australian companies in both BMG Music publishing and Universal Music Publishing since 1993. I am married to an Australian singer-songwriter.
  • Passion
    I started out by wanting to be Mick Jagger or John Lennon. I joined the business side of the music industry when it became clear that wasn’t going to happen. I have been a singer and songwriter all my life. Other than my wife and children, music is the biggest love of my life.

Damian Trotter, Sony/ATV Music Publishing Australia P/L

Non-executive Publisher Director since 2000

Damian is the Managing Director of Sony/ATV Music Publishing and a Director and former Chairman of the Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society Limited and the Australasian Music Publishers Association Limited.

After joining CBS Records in 1981, he held various positions including Local Artist A&R/Marketing Manager and National Promotions Manager. After a brief stint at Warner Music in 1990 as General Manager of East West Records, he returned to Sony to head up the re started publishing company in 1992 .

Following the merger of Sony/ATV Music Publishing with EMI Music Publishing in 2012, Damian was appointed Managing Director of both companies.

Nominee statement
I feel I bring a wealth of experience and key attributes that can only enhance the effectiveness of the board.

As Managing Director of the largest music publishing company in Australia, I bring valuable insights and a level of advocacy on behalf of the music publishing industry generally, as well as the many established and developing songwriters I represent.

In spite of the size of SonyATV, I understand and am empathetic to the concerns of all stakeholders large or small, writer or publisher which contributes to the finely balanced, highly collegiate nature of the APRA board. This level of cooperation and harmony is not necessarily typical within all PRO boards and nor should it be taken for granted as it requires constant work to ensure this.

The role of an effective board member is to remain well informed, work closely with the Chairman and the CEO, question and challenge all decisions and proposals to ensure the proper management and governance of the organisation to reflect the best interests of the company, the writer and publisher members. I am acutely aware of these responsibilities and approach my role as a board member of longstanding with the gravity it requires and deserves.