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Create: live streaming and the value of music

Story Published Friday 8 May 2020

Your music has value and how you distribute and share it has become both more dynamic and more complicated in light of COVID-19.

"With the detrimental loss of gigs and tours, we all want to keep performing, sharing our music and connecting with fans," says APRA AMCOS Ambassador Jack River.

As music creators have flocked to myriad platforms to connect with fans during isolation, the question of where and how to live stream is a crucial one.

So we've updated the specific guidelines around licensing live streams for members and licensees.

And, we're pleased to introduce an interim solution to address the lack of live gigs possible during COVID-19.

APRA AMCOS members can now claim royalties for Australian or New Zealand based live performances of your works, streamed on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Think of it as virtual Performance Reports.

What should you do? Keep setlists as you would for any gig you play in Australia and/or New Zealand and submit via this form.

Please note that any royalties payable will be subject to APRA AMCOS’ distribution policies.

If you're considering licensed platforms with ticketing or crowdfunding options, check out Netgigs or Boosted Live (for NZ artists).