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Tip Published Wednesday 22 July 2020

PR Tips

Publicity and promotions are an important part of any release campaign or tour. Getting media to help promote your music allows you to reach a wider audience, which can be invaluable to both emerging and established artists. But if your budget is tight and it's not possible to pay professionals to do your PR, there are things that you can do yourself.

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Approaching Record Labels

What you need to know about approaching record labels.

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How to choose a streaming service and get the most out of it

There's more options than ever before for getting your music online. Each has certain benefits and drawbacks, so here's an introduction to some of the main ones so you can choose which one will suit you best.

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Getting on a festival line-up

Playing a festival is a great stepping stone for a band. It puts them in front of a large crowd, many of whom wouldn't have seen them before. But how is an act able to get such a slot in the first place? Fortunately, it's not just a case of who-you-know (though that might help). Let's consider some of the steps along the way.

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Let's get digital

A brief guide to digital distribution and how to get your music online and available for current and future fans.

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