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OneMusic New Zealand takes on biggest rollout of UK music tech

Story Published Tuesday 4 October 2022

Song choices made by participating music-licensed gyms, restaurants, bars, retailers and dance schools across the country will be recognised by a new Audoo Audio Meter™, shoring up a movement for more accurate royalty payouts for music creators.

Aotearoa New Zealand and Australian music rights management organisation APRA AMCOS is investing in the widespread rollout of Audoo music recognition technology for its OneMusic licensing business. The devices recognise music played, in real-time, in participating businesses licensed by OneMusic.

Tech company Audoo’s investors include some of the world’s most influential musicians such as ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus, currently the President of CISAC.

“For a long time, I have urged Performing Right Organisations to use intelligent third-party technology. Audoo is a solution I believe will change the music industry forever and that’s why I have put my money where my mouth is”.[1]

For those OneMusic-licensed businesses where APRA AMCOS does not already collect music plays, the song data recognised at this micro level may have a macro effect on who receives royalties and how much they receive. The goal for Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia is to achieve never-before-seen levels of accuracy when recognising the music played in these businesses and royalty incomes flowing from that.

Audoo's Audio Meter™ is fitted with a standard AC power plug. Just like popular music recognition technologies, the Audio Meter will recognise what music is playing after just a few seconds and will securely fingerprint it, with no audio ever being stored on (or sent from) the device. There are currently over 100 million songs in Audoo’s database. Early trials in Australia showed a 95-98% success rate in matching.

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OneMusic New Zealand Director – Greer Davies said “Where does the money go is a question often asked of us, and now we’re giving the power to our OneMusic licensees to partner with us to enable greater insight in knowing what’s played in businesses. Working with Audoo is the beginning of an exciting relationship which will see more accurate distributions to the rights holders we represent.”

APRA AMCOS NZ Head – Anthony Healey said “We are always mindful to ensure APRA AMCOS distributions are as accurate as possible. This is often a practical decision where we have to consider the data our customers can reasonably provide, how that might improve accuracy and how efficiently the data can be used. Technology is increasingly playing a massive part and we are always evolving in step with new technologies. Right now, are thrilled to be working with an innovative company like Audoo.”

CEO of Audoo – Ryan Edwards said, “We’re delighted to roll out our technology in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia in collaboration with the team at APRA AMCOS. Our vision is to have our Audio Meter technology in place in licensed premises across the globe, Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia are world-firsts. We will know - with certainty and in detail - exactly what music people are listening to, and in doing so, we will collect and report the biggest set of public performance music data ever created”.

About OneMusic:

OneMusic New Zealand is a joint licensing initiative established in 2013 by APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ. APRA AMCOS represents songwriters, composers, and music publishers. Recorded Music NZ represents recording artists and record labels.
Having a OneMusic licence not only gives businesses and organisations legal access to the vast majority of world’s music but supports the music ecosystem, allowing even more music to be created.

About Audoo

Through a data-driven approach to music analytics, Audoo provides music rights management organisations with expert insight and analysis to ensure musicians are being paid fairly and accurately, and not by estimation, in the modern age of technology.

Audoo was founded in 2018 by Ryan Edwards, after he missed out on royalty payouts from the broadcasting of his song ‘Domino Effect’. Audoo was part of the Abbey Road Red incubator program and was a winner in the 2020 Midemlab start-ups contest. Since start-up Audoo has been backed by high-profile investors to the tune of £14 million and is supported by an advisory board of industry heavyweights and music royalty.

[1]Paine, Andre, Music Week ‘ABBA's Björn Ulvaeus among investors in Audoo's £5.2 million funding round’ 23 November 2020.