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Parachute Wraps Song Week 2020

Story Published Wednesday 29 July 2020
Parachute Music Wraps Song Week 2020. Photo Tom Grut

APRA AMCOS NZ was proud to support the recent second edition of Parachute Music's 2020 Song Week which saw almost 50 music-makers coming together for the 5 day songwriting camp.

Organised by Jane de Jong (Ruby Frost), Song Week brought together a diverse group of 46 songwriters, topliners and producers to team up and create a song a day. A mixture of established writers and fresh talent, the event involved Parachute’s development artists and producers as well as members of their in-house musical community. Taking place in Parachute’s studio complex in Kingsland, the event filled 11 studios with writing sessions each day, with the week ending in a batch of over 50 new tunes.

The second of its kind since Parachute’s inaugural Song Week last year, the event has been an important regathering of the New Zealand music community in the wake of lockdown’s isolation.

Parachute CEO Mark de Jong says: “Creativity never stops - in fact, it's more important now than ever. Songs and stories are a part of our collective processing. We’re proud to play our part in bringing this range of voices together.”

Artists and writers involved in the week included:

Lepani, Balu Brigada, RIIKI, Alex Farrell-Davey (Alae), Ash Wallace (Foley), Dave Baxter (Avalanche City), Georgia Lines, Jon Lemmon, Cassie Henderson, Sally, Reuben Fleetwood, Possum Plows, Neil MacLeod, Stephanie Brown (Lips), Jeremy Redmore, Nick Dow, Jayden Paul (Daily J), Harry Parsons.

Producers included:

Rory Noble, Devin Abrams, Simon Oscroft, Matt Sadgrove, Abigail Knudsen, Will Henderson, EDY, Maude Morris & Dan Martin, plus Parachute Studios tenant producers Nic Manders, Joseph Faris, Simon Gooding, Ben Malone, Josh Naley.

Check out a selection of photos from the event over on the Parachute Music Facebook page.