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Scam alert: Is that email or SMS really from APRA AMCOS?

Tip Published Friday 2 September 2022

We’re aware that some members have received emails from a company pretending to be APRA AMCOS.

Stop before you click.

If you’re unsure whether an email, SMS, or phone call is legitimately from APRA AMCOS, contact us directly to check.

We’ve recently become aware that scammers pretending to be APRA AMCOS are sending emails to some of our members, requesting that they update their account details, or provide sensitive information. These are phishing emails. Stop before you click!

Phishing messages are made to look like they come from an organisation you know – such as APRA AMCOS – to make them seem real.

When reading emails that appear to come from APRA AMCOS, please always check the sender email address to ensure it’s really from APRA AMCOS. We send emails to members from these domains (the domain is the part of the email address behind the @ symbol):


If you’re unsure whether an email, a message, or a phone call is legitimately from APRA AMCOS, please contact us to check if it’s real.

Tips to keep you scam safe

  • Be cautious when you’re contacted by people you don’t know.
  • Don’t respond to, or click on messages, if you think the sender might be pretending to be APRA AMCOS. Check with us.
  • Don’t provide any personal information or banking details to someone who contacts you unexpectedly. To double-check an unexpected call or message from us, call us back on 0800 69 2772 in business hours.
  • Never give anyone access to your phone, computer, or APRA AMCOS account.
  • Set your personal social media profiles to ‘private’ and be mindful of what you’re sharing.

Learn more about identifying phishing messages

The Australian Cyber Security Centre has plenty of resources to help you learn more about phishing messages, and how to protect yourself from cyber scams.

Find out what a phishing message looks like and how they work:

How to spot a phishing message:

Learn more about ways to protect yourself online.

We’re here to help. If you think you’ve been targeted by someone pretending to be APRA AMCOS to get your personal details, contact us to check.