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SXSW Sydney opens 2023 Music Festival and Screen Festival submissions

Story Published Friday 27 January 2023

The SXSW Sydney 2023 Music Festival will take over multiple live music venues in central Sydney, where official showcasing artists will perform in front of industry reps, media and thousands of fans and fellow musicians from across the globe. Showcase submissions are open to solo artists and musical groups of all genres, signed and unsigned, and irrespective of career status. Visit the SXSW Sydney™ Music Festival Submission page to apply. Applications close Sunday 14 May 2023 at 11:59pm AEST.

SXSW Sydney Head of Music, Claire Collins says; “SXSW is a milestone for any artist and essential for music industry professionals seeking to expand networks and enhance their careers. Expect the same at SXSW Sydney: make meaningful connections (possibly on a boat), access career-defining opportunities and experience ‘I was there’ moments at every turn.”

The SXSW Sydney Screen Festival gathers experts from a variety of screen disciplines together for an unparalleled experience at the forefront of discovery and innovation. As a career-making opportunity for any filmmaker or screen creative who dreams of premiering their feature film, short, episodic, music video or XR project before an industry audience, the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival spotlights the Asia-Pacific region, while also remaining globally inclusive. Visit the SXSW Sydney Screen Festival Submission page for instructions to apply. Any submission must have been completed in 2021, 2022 or be on track for completion in early 2023. Applications close Sunday 14 May 2023 at 11:59pm AEST.

SXSW Sydney Head of Screen, Ghita Loebenstein says; “SXSW thrives on connection and discovery, and we’re creating SXSW Sydney in that spirit. We’ll bring the industry together as we showcase the edgiest in screen business, break the next big things, celebrate the bold and provide a place of genuine inspiration. SXSW Sydney will put Australia and Asia’s screen industry on high beam.

From renowned creatives to emerging faces waiting to be discovered, SXSW® in Austin, TX has a long history of hosting showcases, premieres and performances from the best in creative industries across the globe. Previous Australian participants in SXSW® Austin G Flip (music artist) and Lisa Shaunessy (film producer) share their thoughts on the inaugural SXSW Sydney 2023:

“In 2018 I played my very very first show ever as G Flip and it was at SXSW. I’ll always remember it as one of the best days of my life playing my first show there. It was just so exhilarating, so much fun, and I have such fond memories of SXSW. So I am stoked that it is coming to Australia.” - G Flip

“The most exciting thing about having our world premiere screening of Sissy at SXSW was just the sheer breadth of people that you knew were in the audience and in the theatre watching your film for the first time on the world stage, critics, fans and other filmmakers. Cultural events like SXSW are so important for a city like Sydney… We’ve got such a huge clash and mix of cultural activity through music, dance, theatre, performance, screen and SXSW embodies all of that.” - Lisa Shaunessy, Producer, Sissy

In tandem with the Music and Screen Festivals, SXSW Sydney is spearheaded by the SXSW Sydney Conference, which will feature more than 200 presentations, panels, workshops and mentor sessions. At the core of its 2023 conference programming, SXSW Sydney collaborates with creative professionals, experts and inspired thinkers from around the world to identify the most innovative new ideas to champion. A reminder that submissions for the community to participate in the inaugural 2023 Conference via SXSW Sydney Session Select will remain open until the closing date of Tuesday 14 February 2023 at 11:59PM AEDT. Submit your proposal now HERE.

Expanding for the first time from North America to a new home in Sydney, Australia, SXSW Sydney will see the Asia-Pacific’s pre-eminent creative industries converge across content pillars of Tech and Innovation, Gaming, Music, Screen and Culture within a future-focused program running from Sunday, October 15 to Sunday, October 22, 2023. More event details will be announced on Thursday, 9 February 2023, stay tuned.