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Tō Uru Raumati, Have Yours? Campaign Launches

Published Wednesday 10 November 2021
Tō Uru Raumati Campaign Launches

Today, a new project has launched which brings 20 much-loved stars together in 18 empty venues across Aotearoa to deliver one message: ‘Tō Uru Raumati, Have Yours?’

Directed by Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne and scripted by Te Aorere Pewhairangi, the idea of ‘Uru Raumati’ comes from ‘uruwhenua’ which is the Māori term for passport. Uru whenua literally translates to uru (enter) whenua (land or country). Being vaccinated against COVID-19 is your passport to this Raumati (summer) and all its musical festivities.

Te Aorere Pewhairangi says “this campaign was about targeting rangatahi through social media-specific content and Māori humour. Music has always brought people together, and in a time where lockdown restrictions have become the norm, concerts give us something to look forward to over summer.”

Kimiora Kaire-Melbourne says “we wanted to be a part of this campaign because it was fun, light-hearted and the messaging wasn’t too forceful, something we thought would be more receptive to younger audiences who have likely grown tired of the heavy content in their feeds.”

Producer Mikee Tucker says “the goal was to create a unique and genuine message that connected people through the lens of music. The safety of Māori communities is our primary concern, followed closely by getting the music industry and Aotearoa back on track.”

Funded by Te Puni Kōkiri (via its Karawhiua campaign), Te Māngai Pāho & Wero Hauora Immunisation Alliance (WeroHIA), the aim of ‘Tō Uru Raumati, Have Yours?’ is to educate and protect.

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Featured in alphabetical order:

  • Awatea Wihongi from Maimoa at the Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre, Auckland
  • Hamo Dell at the Tuning Fork, Auckland
  • JessB at the Auckland Town Hall
  • Ka Hao at Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae, Gisborne
  • Paige at Western Springs, Auckland
  • Ria Hall at Wharepai Domain, Tauranga
  • Theia outside the Whammy Bar, K Rd
  • DJ Sir-Vere at a nightclub in Wellington
  • Joel Shadbolt from L.A.B, in his garage, Tauranga
  • Kings at Eden Park, Auckland
  • Laughton Kora at the Bay Court Theatre, Tauranga
  • Logan Bell from Katchafire at Claudelands Arena, Hamilton
  • Maaka Pohatu at Spark Arena, Auckland
  • PDigsss from Shapeshifter at Rhythm & Alps sign, Wanaka
  • Pere Wihongi from Maimoa at the Kiri Te Kanawa Theatre, Auckland
  • Rei at the Tuning Fork, Auckland
  • Rob Ruha at Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae, Gisborne
  • Stan Walker at the Whanganui Opera House
  • Te Aorere Pewhairangi at Te Poho-o-Rawiri Marae, Gisborne
  • Teeks at the Civic Theatre, Auckland
  • Troy Kingi at the Turner Centre, Kerikeri

Artist Quotes:

“On top of all the medication I take to keep myself healthy, I’ve taken the Pfizer vaccine to help stop the spread of Covid. I have the choice of staying home for god knows how long a few times a year OR the choice of getting a Pfizer vaccine to keep myself and others protected when I’m around them. Let’s do our part in moving forward and helping look after each other.” - Paige

"I want to be excited about a future where I can see & hug my whaanau & friends, where I can play gigs & go to see others play gigs. And most importantly, I want to make sure it’s safe for our most vulnerable to do the same. That’s why I’m vaccinated, and why I urge others who aren’t, to consider it." - Theia

“I got vaxxed to protect my whānau, my friends, my whakapapa and my tinana. We Māori have always used new technologies for the betterment of our own people, whether it was through writing, new cultivation techniques or medicine. The vaccine is no different!' - Rei

"We want to keep people safe, we want to be able to play events and we also just want to be friendly as well, because I think there are quite a few people out there that maybe have made up their mind or think they have a view on not getting vaccinated or something like that. It's important to be open and still communicate with those people in a calm way and listen and find out why are they thinking that and what their fears are... and tell them that it's okay if you decide to get vaccinated, it's okay, it's not like you've sort of reneged on some integrity." - Sam Trevethick (Shapeshifter)