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Soundcheck Aotearoa launch new website with wide range of resources

Story Published Tuesday 14 December 2021
Soundcheck Aotearoa

Updates to SoundCheck Aotearoa including new resources, advice on support services, and more. Plus the launch of a new website a resource hub to help combat disparities in the music industry.

Over the last four months SoundCheck Aotearoa have been working on a project to create resources that will help our community to prevent and respond to sexual harassment and harm in the workplace.

A working group with a broad range of experiences was created in order to produce tools, templates, visual resources, and guidance that is specific to artists and managers, venues, promoters, crew, production teams, studios and producers, and more.

This incredible work includes an update to their website, introducing more in-depth advice on support services, training, responding to reports of sexual harm, and external resolution options.

visit soundcheck aotearoa

Alongside this update, we are pleased to see another website launch today lead by the amazing Sarin Moddle who has been in the music industry for many years in many forms. The Change Over is a website created in light of the conversations about music lineup disparity, on stage and behind the scenes. This kaupapa will be an everchanging resource hub, encouraging suggestions, feedback, and kōrero from the music community.

visit the change over