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What we do

We're here for you and your music. Join over 108,000+ APRA AMCOS members.

APRA AMCOS is a music rights management organisation

We pay royalties to music creators when their music is played or copied, both locally and overseas.

Over 111,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers appoint APRA AMCOS to look after certain rights on their behalf. This means organisations don’t have to contact individual music creators to legally use their music. Learn more about how music copyright works.

We license organisations to play or copy music

If you're a business or organisation you can buy a licence from us to play, perform, copy, record or make available our music. We then pay the royalties to our members and overseas affiliated societies.

Cost-to-revenue ratio (AKA our administration expenses)

Our current cost to revenue rate is 12.68% (year ending 30 June 2021). That means around 87 cents in the dollar of the licence fees we collect go to music creators.

Note: The comparative information provided is based on the most up to date figures available to APRA AMCOS. See how we compare with other societies around the world.

We advocate for our members' rights

From government submissions through to our awards program, we promote the importance of music creators’ rights to all levels of government, the media and the wider community.

We represent your music globally

As an APRA AMCOS member, you enjoy global representation for your music rights. We have agreements with other organisations like us around the world. So when your music is used in another territory, our affiliates collect money on your behalf. They then pay these royalties to us, and we pay you.

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