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Distribution explained

For every dollar we collect, around 85 cents is distributed to music creators as royalties. Find out why, when, and how.

APRA AMCOS distribution process

  1. We license businesses for the music they use.
  2. We collect music data from multiple sources, including radio and TV stations, streaming services, live performances, background music services, and more.
  3. We auto match data to songs and compositions in our database. Unidentified songs are then matched to their copyright owners by our team of researchers.
  4. We calculate royalties according to our distribution rules and practices.
  5. We pay royalties to our members and overseas societies.

When do I get paid?

Domestic royalties

APRA AMCOS distributes royalties that we collect from domestic (Australian, New Zealand and Pacific) music use every 3 months. Not all categories of music royalties get paid every quarter.
Learn more about domestic royalties.

International royalties

APRA AMCOS distributes royalties that we collect from our International Affiliates each month. However, we're dependent on their distribution methods to pay you.
Learn more about international royalties.