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If you wish to arrange music or use it in print, online, advertisements, film or TV you need the permission and a licence from the copyright owners of the musical work and sound recordings. We can help you find the right contact.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need an APRA AMCOS licence if I only play or copy music from overseas artists?

APRA AMCOS is part of a worldwide network of collecting societies connected through reciprocal licensing agreements. This network allows our members rights to be administered all over the world, and the rights of overseas composers to be represented in New Zealand and Australia. For example, PRSforMusic administers Lorde’s rights in the UK, and we administer Ed Sheeran’s here. Your licence fee contributes income to New Zealand songwriters and to songwriters from around the world.

How is APRA AMCOS able to license music use?

Whenever music is performed in public, communicated or reproduced the songwriter and their publisher may be entitled to a payment or royalty. The New Zealand Copyright Act gives writers 'economic rights' which cover certain uses of their music. By licensing and allowing the public performance, communication or reproduction of their music, songwriters can generate income known as royalties. Songwriters and their publishers have joined APRA AMCOS and together with our reciprocal arrangements with overseas societies, we are able to aggregate their rights to offer blanket music licences.

How have CPI increases been calculated 1 July 2022

On 1 July each year APRA’s GST exclusive rates are increased by the percentage increase in the CPI between the last two March Quarter’s under the Licence Agreement terms.

The increase in the CPI between the last two March Quarters was 6.9%.

At APRA we are aware of the challenges businesses face as we begin to see light at the end of the tunnel from Covid-19.

To support businesses as well as our music creators we’ve made a one-off decision to discount part of the increase that would otherwise apply for the year commencing 1 July 2022 licences below.

The GST exclusive rate for the following licences will effectively increase only by 3.9%
(with APRA discounting the remaining 3%).

This discount on the increase under the Licence Agreement terms is being implemented only in respect of the licence year commencing 1 July 2022.

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