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Why do I need a licence?

Legally use our music from all over the world in your organisation, without the hassle.

More than New Zealand and Australian music

An APRA AMCOS licence covers the majority of copyrighted music globally.

We represent music creators across Australasia and, by agreement, most music creators around the world through our reciprocal agreements with overseas affiliated societies.

For example, PRS for Music administers Courtney Barnett’s rights in the UK, which means that royalties for performances in that territory are collected by PRS for Music and then distributed to her via APRA AMCOS. Similarly, APRA AMCOS administers Ed Sheeran’s rights in Australia and pays his royalties via PRS for Music.

These agreements mean we can license you to use music from almost anywhere in the world legally.

Our licences:

  • Cover the musical work for the majority of the world’s repertoire
  • Are designed to suit your specific music use needs
  • Provide an easy and cost-effective way to access performing and some of the reproduction rights in musical works
  • Ensure songwriters, composers and music publishers are paid fairly for their music