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Music royalties explained

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Where do song royalties come from?

Music licences

Almost all businesses and organisations use music. Think of your favourite café, hairdresser, nightclubs, festivals, radio stations, television ads, streaming services, and YouTube videos. APRA AMCOS offers licences to these businesses and organisations to use your music. We also track what music they use. We then pay songwriters, composers and music publishers their share of the licence fees we collect, after deducting our administration costs.

Live performances

Do you play live at pubs, clubs, cafes, or other live music venues? You can get song royalties for these performances by submitting a Performance Report via the Writer Portal or APRA AMCOS for Music Creators app (available from the App Store or Google Play).

Just tell us what songs you’ve performed in which venues over the past financial year—from 1 July to 30 June—and you could receive royalty payments for playing your original music live. Submit after the show or when it is convenient for you, royalties are paid quarterly.

Make sure you also tell us about any covers you perform so the original songwriters can get paid royalties. If someone else performs your song live, you'll get the song royalties.