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Policies & procedures

We're committed to fair representation for our members and licensees. These policies and procedures are in place to protect your rights and ensure fair treatment for all.

APRA AMCOS disputes procedure

If you have a dispute in relation to APRA AMCOS’ licensing practices or administration, you can submit a ‘dispute’. A dispute is different to a complaint in that a ‘dispute’ is a difference of opinion between you and APRA AMCOS on aspects of our licensing practices or administration.

Read the APRA AMCOS Licensing Disputes procedure to find out how to submit a licensing dispute.

If your dispute involves a disagreement between you and another writer or publisher member, read about our Member Dispute procedure to find out how to submit a member dispute.

APRA AMCOS whistleblower policy

APRA AMCOS encourages those who are aware of wrongdoing to speak up. This policy supports our commitment to the highest standards of corporate compliance and ethics by encouraging whistleblowing without fear of reprisal or retribution.

Read the APRA AMCOS whistleblower policy to find out how to raise Reportable Matters. The policy also details how APRA AMCOS receives and investigates Reportable Matters and protects whistleblowers.

Service Provider Code of Conduct

We like to work with service providers that demonstrate a commitment to the same standards, qualities and values as APRA AMCOS. Read the Service Provider Code of Conduct to find out what they are and how to partner with us.

Child Protection Policy

We are committed to protecting the rights, safety and wellbeing of all children and young people who participate in programs facilitated by APRA AMCOS.

We regularly engage with children and young people through our membership activities and events and through our schools programs, including our SongMakers program.

The Child Protection Policy is intended to protect and empower children and young people who are vital and active participants in APRA programs.