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AMPS & APRA NZ Producer Webinar

Event Published Thursday 2 December 2021
AMPS 2021 Online zoom seminar

We’re teaming up with AMPS (Aotearoa Music Producer Series) to bring you their second seminar for 2021! Join the online kōrero featuring Emily C. Browning, Sophie Bialostocki (Lévyne), and Josh Naley (wells*), next Wednesday 8 December at 10am.

In this panel discussion, we will focus on self-producing artists, who now also work as producers for other projects. Emily, Sophie (Lévyne) and Josh (wells*) will cover their careers to date, how they approach songwriting and production sessions, and answer your burning questions about their work.

Emily C. Browning

Music Arts graduate and former session guitarist Emily C. Browning has recently debuted as a sole producer on her latest pop track “I Wasn’t Into You Anyway”. While developing as an artist, Emily has shared writing sessions with Maroon 5 members and David Ryan Harris (also with writer-producer teams behind Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes and Fifth Harmony). Additional credits include all-female collective Her Songs, Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck), Ōtautahi pop act Phoebe Hurst (Hunter), plus a production role in a recent APRA Song Hubs retreat.

Sophie Bialostocki (Levyne)
Tāmaki Makaurau local Sophie Bialostocki (aka Lévyne) has been steadily infiltrating the local music scene for some time. Growing up playing classical piano, Sophie changed focus after studying music and launching a pop-centred artist project called "Lévyne". She began producing for herself as a means of survival in an expensive industry, watching friends and slowly teaching herself many of the skills along the way. Now-days she's working behind the scenes on a number of local artist's projects both songwriting and producing, as well as finishing off a second body of work for "Lévyne".

Josh Naley (wells*)
Josh Naley, AKA Wells* is a songwriter and producer based in Auckland, NZ. Josh has been songwriting and performing since he was 10 years old, though production is a more recent skill which Josh developed while he was studying music at the University of Auckland.

The past couple of years have seen Josh quietly honing his skills; on the one hand as a session musician for artists such as Robinson, Thomston and Navvy - and on the other hand working on songwriting & production for a variety of NZ-based artists (including Thomston, Navvy, Nika and Balu Brigada).

The New Zealand Music Producer Series (now AMPS) launched in 2017 and has become an integral part of upskilling Aotearoa’s production sector. The series has attracted the participation of some formidable international producers including: Andrew Scheps, Sylvia Massy, David Wrench, Gil Norton, Romesh Dodangoda, Dave Eringa, and Mark Rankin.