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Your Rights Management Hub

Tip Published Wednesday 30 March 2022
Rights Management Hub in the Portal

New in the Writer Portal: your Rights Management Hub

Learn about the rights we manage on your behalf and review your options

Access the forms you need and submit an enquiry about your rights

In the new Rights Management Hub, it just got easier to review what rights APRA and AMCOS manage on your behalf, view your original signed documents and make any enquiries or request changes.

The hub lives in the Writer Portal and you can get there by navigating to:
Account page > Manage my rights > Visit the Rights Management Hub

In the hub, the following sections are available:

  • Rights Management FAQs - view and PDF download
  • APRA Assignment of Rights - view and PDF download
  • Exclusive Licence Agreement (AMCOS members)
  • Submit an enquiry about managing your rights via Contact Us
  • Manage Opt Out and Licence Back requests - view and PDF download

Refresher: Opt Out and Licence Back

Depending on the opportunity and the circumstances, you might need to request a change to your rights. This is often managed via an 'opt out' or 'licence back' request. You can download these in the Rights Management Hub in the portal or from here.

Licence Back is a flexible process which allows you to license one or more of your songs to a particular user for a particular purpose. All you have to do is fill out our online request for licence back form (PDF 100 KB), tell us who, when and what you are licensing (so we don’t try to license the same business for the same thing). Then you can proceed.

However please note that for most Licence Back applications, you will need to give APRA at least one week’s notice of the use. And for complex Licence Back applications that involve multiple works and co-writers, we reserve the right to charge a small administration fee.

Opt Out is a more rigid process.

It allows you to remove your entire repertoire of works from APRA for a particular use, giving you complete control of all works, worldwide, for that type of use.

You will be able to grant licences to anyone for that use, on your terms, or you may choose not to license the works at all.

APRA needs at least three months’ notice of an Opt Out. And if the Opt Out application is complex, we reserve the right to charge a small administration fee.

Regardless of whether you choose to Licence Back or Opt Out, if you choose to deal directly with users of your music, remember that APRA will no longer be able to enforce your rights or collect licence fees for those uses. You may want to get your own legal advice about this.

More info

If you have any questions at all about licensing your rights directly or whether Licence Back or Opt Out is the right option for you, please read our plain English guide or log in to the Writer Portal and submit your enquiry.