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Do you write or compose original works of music? We can help you make money from your music all over the world.

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Depending on how your music is used, you can sign up for just APRA, or APRA and AMCOS. So what's the difference?

APRA represents your public performance and communication rights

That means if your music is performed live or broadcast on radio or television or streamed or downloaded on a commercial digital music service, we'll collect royalties and pay them to you.

AMCOS represents some of your reproduction rights

That means if your unpublished music is copied for commercial purposes, like a compilation CD or sheet music, we'll collect royalties and pay them to you.

If all your works are published, your publisher will collect the reproduction royalties on your behalf, and you don't need to join AMCOS.

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  • If you're under 18, the consent of a parent/guardian

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