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2022 Baysting Prize for Children's Champion goes to: Luke Nola

Story Published Wednesday 11 May 2022
Luke Nola is the 2022 Baysting Prize for Children's Champion winner!

Passionate ideas guy, former ad agency creative, backyard inventor and ultimate goober, Luke Nola has been an inspirational television producer and vociferous advocate for the possibilities of young imaginations in Aotearoa. He is the creator of The Goober Brothers, the internationally renowned, BAFTA and Emmy nominated TV format, Let’s Get Inventin’, Kea Kids News and Nano Girl and the Imaginauts amongst others.

In 2019, APRA AMCOS NZ announced a new award to be presented at the New Zealand Children’s Music Awards. The Baysting Prize for Children’s Champion is in honour of the late Arthur Baysting - a well-known children’s author, songwriter and advocate who has championed children’s content creators in Aotearoa on behalf of our tamariki, working to provide kiwi kids with accessible art of all varieties that reflects their home and culture, while also inspiring and educating.

The Baysting Prize is presented to an individual, group, or organisation each year who has made a significant and outstanding contribution to the development and wellbeing of New Zealand children, through the creation of or support for music, TV programmes, films, live shows, books, education, or advocacy.

In 2022, the Baysting Prize for Children’s Champion is going to Luke Nola.

“Luke has put our tamariki front and center and celebrated everything that their incredible young minds are capable of. Whether its kids asking the tough question on Kea Kids News or showcasing the infinite possibilities in Let’s Get Inventin’ Luke has given young people a platform and a voice and had ridiculous fun at the same time. This is very much in the spirit of the Baysting Prize” says Anthony Healey, APRA AMCOS NZ Head of Operations.

“All I wanted to do at school was blow things up, draw and eat. So I actually learnt very little, I got the worst reports you could imagine. I made my Dad angry, (but he forgave me luckily)” Luke explains.

“To all those kids who don’t like school, if you would rather be outside or playing video games, this award is for you.

“I left school looking for a job that was as much like playtime as possible. That’s kids' TV. What I learnt is that you can take boring learning stuff, but use art to make it fun. The trick worked and I’ve been doing that for 28 years.

“Arthur Baysting and Fane Flaws made a songbook called the Underwatermelon man. I’m blown away to be just mentioned in a sentence next to them. This book inspired me and my kids - Pippi and Pete - who played it over and over and us parents never got sick of the songs. I hope the work I do has the same effect. Thanks so much to APRA and the NZ Children's Music Awards.”

Congratulations to Luke, and all his collaborators and supporters. The award will be formally presented at the NZ Children’s Music Awards on Sunday 15 May at the Tuning Fork, Spark Arena.

The annual awards for Best Children’s Music Song, Best Children’s Music Video, and Best Children’s Music Artist will also be presented, as part of a show presented by Suzy Cato. You can check out the finalists HERE.