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Announcing the recipients for the 2023 APRA Professional Development Awards

Story Published Thursday 14 September 2023

Please join APRA in congratulating the 2023 APRA Professional Development Award recipients: Byllie-jean, Damian Golfinopoulos of Grecco Romank, Fergus Fry, Flo Wilson and Vicki Ormond AKA Yolanda Fagan. This year's successful applicants are a diverse mix of genres with established backgrounds, skills and the motivation to develop and hone their craft.

Each recipient receives $10,000 to contribute towards the next step of their career enhancement, from mentorship and internships, music and production lessons, stage craft development to attending sound art residencies and production camps. The award is intended to help artists develop their songwriting skills domestically or internationally, where funds have been a hindering factor.

Since the first award was given out in 2005 the Professional Development Awards, which are only available once in a member's career, have now been given to 39 recipients. Previously a bi-annual presentation up until 2021, due to the amount and strength of applications and a clear need for support of this nature, it has now become an annual opportunity.

This year's applications were of a record number with an anonymous panel of industry experts assessing over 140 applications to determine the winners – a process that is both challenging and inspiring. The high number of applicants clearly shows the strength of talent, the need for awards such as these and how career development is high on the priority list for many songwriters from Aotearoa.

Speaking of the experience, one of the anonymous jury panel members reflects “This year has been an absolute 'mast event' with a large number of excellent applications - all worthy, all with amazingly inventive goals and objectives. The panel is thrilled with the opportunity to support the successful applicants with furthering their creative journeys. Huge congratulations! It is hoped that this PDA support will lead to much inventing, experimenting, risk taking, rule breaking, mistaking, fun time making and knowledge sharing!"

You can read the 2023 Terms and Conditions here.