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Announcing the Aotearoa Music Producer Series and Music Producers Guild

Story Published Friday 25 September 2020

Recorded Music NZ; The New Zealand Music Commission; NZ On Air; SAE Auckland; Auckland Unesco City Of Music and the Music Producers Guild NZ, are pleased to announce the newly-titled Aotearoa Music Producer Series (AMPS) for 2020. This event builds on the success of the previous four Music Producer Series public seminars and workshops.

The Aotearoa Music Producer Series has been proud to bring industry-leading producers including: Andrew Scheps, Sylvia Massy, David Wrench, Romesh Dodangoda, Gill Norton, Mark Rankin, Dave Eringa and Guy Massey to New Zealand for past workshops. The 2020 event will be a celebration of the incredible production talent here in Aotearoa.

AMPS will be running a series of 10 one-day music production workshops at Roundhead Studios, Auckland. These will consist of a breakdown of each producer’s multitrack recordings, discussion of production techniques and workflows, artist motivation, producer mental health and the ability to sustain a career, particularly due to the global impacts of COVID-19.

Introducing the Music Producers Guild

During an era of constant change in the music industry, the goal of the Music Producers Guild of New Zealand / Aotearoa (MPG NZ) is to inform music producers of their rights, help secure income streams, provide contracts for production and mixing, plus information on royalties and residual income to help producers sustain a career in the music industry and to create industry-wide standards of practice.

Co-founder, Greg Haver said “I’ve seen first-hand the benefits that overseas music producer organisations have had, both on individual careers and the wider industry. The Music Producers Guild of New Zealand/Aotearoa has been created with the support of the local industry and will act as a valuable resource for everyone involved in the production sector, enabling them to form strong networks, access resources and work with best industry practice.”

The MPG NZ aims to affiliate with international producer organisations and will offer equipment discounts as well as share collective experiences, create networking opportunities and enable collaboration in the artistic and commercial fields. The MPG NZ will lobby for producers’ rights, partner with educators and facilitate workshops and seminars to up-skill the sector.

The guild has been founded by producers Chris Chetland and Greg Haver with the generous support of the New Zealand Music Commission, Recorded Music New Zealand, NZ On Air and APRA AMCOS NZ and will be run with an executive committee and advisory board comprising a group of Aotearoa’s producers and industry professionals.

The Music Producers Guild of New Zealand/Aotearoa will launch on October 19th 2020. To express your interest and sign-up for the guild go to