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Going to LA? Say g'day to new member relations rep Bella Morris-Clarke

Story Published Monday 19 August 2019
Bella Morris-Clarke

Heading to Los Angeles for a songwriting trip or to work on a score for film or TV? Find yourself spending a lot of time in NYC lately? If so, our newly-appointed LA/NYC Member Relations Rep Bella Morris-Clarke is there to help with the big questions, the tricky quandaries, to go along to your gig, or to readily source a hot desk or a recording studio while you're in town.

Bella started her role in June and met with members at our New York City Roadshow and SongHubs in Brooklyn, and was able to learn about the role from Lani Richmond, who is now focusing on artist management full-time. And with more members (and their teams) travelling overseas for creative and business opportunities than ever before, Bella's full-time role has a more bi-coastal remit, which will see her spending more time in NYC to meet with members and go to industry events as well.

Bella has a broad level of experience and skills from across different aspects of the music industry. She worked in the creative department of Alberts before joining Chugg Music and working in management for a range of artists including Sheppard, Megan Washington and Lime Cordiale. She later moved over to the touring side of Chugg, and was involved with the promoter's tours for Billie Eilish, Florence and the Machine and Robbie Williams, as well as its major festival events CMC Rocks and St. Jerome’s Laneway.

Bella has hit the ground running in LA, and has been busy getting to know a number of Australian and New Zealand members as they arrive or travel through. We posed a few questions to Bella to find out about her USA experience so far.

Q: You’ve come from working in Sydney in the music industry to settling into an LA-NYC based role. What are members asking you about that’s specific to coming to LA, NYC, or elsewhere? What kind of queries are most common?

BELLA: I am finding that most APRA AMCOS members who are making the trip to LA, NYC or Nashville are coming for 3 main reasons: to make connections, to get into writing sessions and for touring. The main questions I am asked ahead of trips are

1) How long should I come for?

2) Can I submit performance reports for my shows here?, and...

3) Where is the best place to meet people?

And to answer those questions: I normally make sure everyone knows that for these trips anywhere between a couple of weeks and a couple of months is a good time depending on your goals and your commitments.

YES! You can submit your Overseas Performance Reports via the APRA AMCOS website.

And one of the best ways to meet people is going to music nights like School Night and to just get chatting! It is well known that there is a really supportive Australian and New Zealand music community here and there are many wonderful people who want to engage with newcomers.

Q: Why is it an exciting time to head to LA and/or NYC for Australian and NZ members?

BELLA: Now more than ever there are so many opportunities for songwriters, musicians and artists here in America. And because of the success of other APRA AMCOS members who have had their work acknowledged on a global stage, Australians and New Zealanders are being taken seriously and are getting a reputation as extremely talented and hardworking.

Q: Why should members contact you ahead of coming to LA or NYC?

I always encourage members to reach out to me ahead of their travel so that I can try and find at least one thing I can do to help them on their trip.

It could be introducing them to someone in the industry, finding a session for them to get into or locking in a date for them to use our studio. Either way a bit of notice is always welcome -- the more prepared you are before you come, the less overwhelming these crazy cities will seem.

Q: What is something about the music industry and/or songwriting opportunities in LA/NYC that you have learned since arriving?

One of the things I have noticed is that people are genuinely happy to connect. If that means meeting an artist manager or getting into a session or just having a chat with other like-minded producers, there are always people around who welcome an introduction!

Are you heading to the USA?

Make sure to drop a line ahead of time to Bella or Nashville Member Relations Rep Mark Moffatt. They want to ensure you make the most of your time in the states and can help with a range of questions as well as assist with providing space for you to write, have meetings, catch up on emails, as well as record or access performance space.

Los Angeles:
Members and their managers travelling to LA have access to a work space at IgnitedSpaces in Hollywood (pictured above). Writing and studio space is now accessible on a short term basis with a reduced rate for extended bookings, the fully equipped recording studio/writing room is located in Burbank, Los Angeles. For all enquiries, email Bella at [email protected].

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Mark works out of InDo, in the heart of Nashville's music community. Members can use desk space and office amenities, writers’ rooms and performance space is available. For all enquires, email Mark at [email protected].

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And, of course, across the pond in London, Adam Townsend is there to support members in the UK and Europe.

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